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Custom BBQ Package

Completely Customizable Package. Create your Perfect BBQ Feast.

$11.95 per person

Boxed Lunches

Fully Customizable, Individually Packaged and Labeled

$10.99 each

Easy BBQ Package

Budget Friendly Catering Package

$9.45 per person

Taco Bar Package

Customizable Build Your Own Taco Bar with All the Fixings.

$9.45 per person

Grill Out Package

$15 per person

Holiday Catering Menu

Appetizer Platters

Appetizer Platters are priced per person and can be customized to fit your guest count or your budget.

A La Carte

Kids Menu

Bulk Meat

We Suggest 1 Pound per 3 - 4 Guests.

Sides By The Tray

Half tray is approx. 18 (4oz) portions. Full tray is approx. 55 (4oz) portions. We suggest 8-12oz of sides per person.


Includes cups. Does not include Ice.



Family Packs

Family Packs are Perfect for Parties of 20 Guests or Less

Contact Us

Am somewhat of a Cuban sandwich snob...and I LOVED yours!