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Custom BBQ Package

Completely Customizable Package. Create your Perfect BBQ Feast.

$11.95 per person

Boxed Lunches

Fully Customizable, Individually Packaged and Labeled

$10.99 each

Easy BBQ Package

Budget Friendly Catering Package

$9.45 per person

Taco Bar Package

Customizable Build Your Own Taco Bar with All the Fixings.

$9.45 per person

Grill Out Package

$15 per person

Holiday Catering Menu

Appetizer Platters

Appetizer Platters are priced per person and can be customized to fit your guest count or your budget.

A La Carte

Kids Menu

Bulk Meat

We Suggest 1 Pound per 3 - 4 Guests.

Sides By The Tray

Half tray is approx. 18 (4oz) portions. Full tray is approx. 55 (4oz) portions. We suggest 8-12oz of sides per person.


Includes cups. Does not include Ice.



Family Packs

Family Packs are Perfect for Parties of 20 Guests or Less

Contact Us

Rode my motorcycle 60 miles from Palmyra, VA for some takeout BBQ on the advice from a friend. Great advice. Will make the ride again.